Research at St. Louis Heart & Vascular

St. Louis Heart and Vascular is a proven and trusted resource for the conduct of complex Phase II-IV studies in subjects with acute coronary heart disease (, atrial fibrilation (, coronary heart disease ( and heart failure ( The research staff is proficient in all standard procedures and is highly experienced in the conduct of specialized and comple3x study designs, which include cardiac monitoring (TQT/ QTc), and intensive pharmacokinetic sampling. The site's team of physicians have developed a solid infrastructure for identifying quality research subjects throughout their practice, resulting in meeting and exceeding enrollment targets on the vast majority of trials conducted.


A private research facility, St. Louis Heart and Vascular is focused on Phase II - IV clinical trials in a variety of Cardiac indications. This facility on Christian NorthEast Hospital's Campus is a fully equipped, secure facility supported by highly experienced MDs, DOs, RNs, LPNs, CRCs, Registered Pharmacists (PharmD), Laboratory Technicians and Regulatory Specialists.

The facility maintains a double-locked, limited access drug storage room with a 24-hour monitoring system that monitors conditions including temperature, humidity, water leaks and power failures; an IATA and CLIA certified processing laboratory with a centrifuge; and a -20 degree sample storage. The research clinic has dedicated monitor rooms with high-speed internet for remote data entry access, on-site long-term storage, a conference room, lobby, waiting area and free parking.

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